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birthday party for practice made purrfect

Happy birthday to us! Practice Made Purrfect is celebrating our second anniversary 🕯️🕯️

It was recently our second birthday, and we’re still celebrating🥂.


What a two years it’s been. We’ve met fantastic people up and down the country and all over the world, and worked on projects that we’re proud of.


Not bad considering we were launched by our founder Justin in what he describes as “a spontaneous decision, 10 years in the making”! Justin’s first priority was to find a way to begin enjoying his work once more. 


If you love what you do, and combine that with knowledge of your industry and a fair helping of hard work, you’re going to be successful. 


And the most important thing for us is that our success means better outcomes for our clients and their patients. 


To commemorate our milestone, we’ve put together this blog to look back over the last two years, celebrate some highlights and share some thoughts which could hopefully shed some light on what we’ve been getting right!


Birthday Balloons


“The ethos of Practice Made Purrfect is about guiding veterinary practices towards freedom and profitability, instead of facing constant pressure, stress and burnout at a time when demand is off the scale, with many clinics oversubscribed by an influx of post pandemic pets.


“This gives practices the headroom to reinvent themselves and operate in more sustainable and healthier ways, both in terms of the business and the people within them. 


“Often making small adjustments can reap exponential rewards, but it usually requires a fresh pair of eyes, otherwise most businesses continue doing whatever they’ve always done.


“The plan for the next two years is to continue having fun, learn from every experience and share our knowledge and passion with as many practices as possible, which will ultimately help to build a brighter future for veterinary professionals, patients and clients.”


– Justin Phillips, founder of Practice Made Purrfect

Justin Phillips - Vet Marketing specialist


As one of our first relationships and a proof of concept success, our 28 day makeover of Grove Vets was an early highlight for our team.

Anyone who has spoken to Justin for more than 30 seconds knows that he is the number one disciple of the pet health plan. We explained why in this blog series which doubles as a manifesto for one of our biggest beliefs.

We love a how to guide, and we’re planning to produce many more in the future. This look at Google reviews set the template for a content approach we know has been well received in the industry.

The Veterinary Marketing Association awards are always a fun day out, and we’re lucky enough to have been asked to take part as judges. This year we went in-depth on why Beacon View Vets were awarded the prestigious Practice Marketing Award.

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s building websites. Of course, we’re good at lots of things, but you know what we mean… anyway, we put together a five step plan to diagnosing what’s wrong with your website that may just be worth a revisit!

Colorful Birthday Party


Here are a few of Justin’s favourite moments and best decisions from the last two years, straight from the horse’s mouth: 

We’ve launched five brand new veterinary practices – including three in the last month – and we work with 23 practices across the UK, as well as clients in New Zealand and the US. The Practice Made Purrfect gospel is spreading

I’ve presented at 20 events on marketing and veterinary business and continue to teach the marketing module to veterinary students at the RVC… and each one still gives me the jitters!

I’ve always believed in treating others how you want to be treated yourself, and now I have the chance to put that into practice. I pay suppliers within three hours of receiving their invoices and try to give as much help to others as possible.

All the answers to my challenges already existed within my personal network or books. I’ve loved learning new stuff, condensed audio books via Blinkist have been a game changer, and speaking as much as possible to fascinating people. A big thank you to some inspiring mentors. 

Every day I get to pick my kids up from school and fit Lego-building sessions into my working day. What more could I ask for.


In a word: more. 

We want to connect with more practices and continue developing our offering to bring more value and produce more positive outcomes in our industry. 


Not just that, we want to give more back, whether that’s championing the best ideas to help make practices green, or doing more research to provide value right here, in the Practice Made Purrfect blog


As ever, we want to hear from you.

If you have ideas for content you want to see us produce, give us a shout.


If you believe we could help your practice to achieve your goals, we’d love to work out whether we’re a good fit.


And if you just want to wish us a happy birthday, well, we’d appreciate that as well! 


Here’s to many more happy anniversaries. 


Thanks for reading. 


Team Practice Made Purrfect.

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