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Step-by-step guide on setting up a pet health plan for a veterinary practice, including tips on how to structure the plan, promote it to clients, and manage the plan's implementation.

Pet Health Plans: Why your practice needs to make your plan a priority



We love Pet Health Plans. If you work with us, you can expect to hear us talk about them – lots. 


Put simply, we don’t think there’s a more important aspect of modern veterinary practice marketing. 


The more of your clients you can join up to a well-designed plan that reflects the service you want to offer, the better the standard of care you’ll be able to deliver for your clients, and the more robust the health of your business.

For those who haven’t come across them before, a quick overview. Pet health plans consolidate a selection of services and treatments – typically including vaccinations and flea and worm treatments, but the only limit is your creativity – into a monthly subscription that works alongside pet insurance to leave pets and their owners completely covered.


We’ve gone in depth on the benefits of a comprehensively designed plan and given a range of tips to either get yours up and running, or to finetune your existing offering, in a series of must read blogs that you can find here: 


  1. Pet Health Plans: What You Need To Know

  2. Pet Health Plans: Setting Up For Success

  3. Pet Health Plans: Communication Is Key


But in a nutshell, nailing your pet health plan benefits everybody: pets, who enjoy greater access to your vets and services; owners, who can better plan their pets healthcare and the costs that come with it into their lives; and you and your clinical team, with recurring income secured and more opportunity to work with pets in practice, and to keep them healthy.

Maximise the benefits of a pet health plan for both your clients and your practice with these expert tips on design and implementation.
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Improve the health and well-being of your patients while increasing client satisfaction and practice revenue with a pet health plan.


We’ve been banging the drum for pet health plans for a decade, and critical thinking on the subject is constantly changing – a conversation that we’ve been proud to be at the forefront of.


That means that we don’t just have experience working with practices to create, finetune and promote their plans – although we do have plenty of that. 


It means that we’ve been central to dictating how the pet health plan is viewed in the industry.


There are a number of routes you can take with your plan, depending on how you want to position your clinical offer.

Traditional plans package basics such as vaccinations and flea and worm treatments alongside discounts on further services at a low price point. 


However, we’re increasingly seeing practices develop plans that take a more holistic view on veterinary practice, offering perks such as unlimited free consultations with vets and nurses and proactive dental care which break down barriers to care and ensure pets are brought into the practice much more often. 


When we work with a practice, we lay these options on the table and work out what is right for you. Once the plan is designed, we work to spread the word far and wide, identifying the best marketing options to get your clients signed up. 


Practices we’ve worked with have as many as 60% of their clients signed up to their plan.


There’s no reason why you can’t surpass them.

Discover how a pet health plan can benefit your practice, your clients, and your patients with this comprehensive guide.
"Practice Made Purrfect designed and built a commercial model for my ideal health plan. They created the marketing materials, enabled online sign up and coordinated digital and printed marketing campaigns.
“In the six months after launching the plan we went from zero to £9,000 a month in revenues. A Stellar result – I couldn't be happier."

Dr David Hodges, Owner, Stellar Vets

Ready to design the perfect pet health plan for your veterinary practice?

We firmly believe that every practice benefits from nailing their pet health plan, both from a business and a clinical perspective. 


To find out more about how we can help, please contact us


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  • Can I illuminate the sign at my vet practice?
    Ensuring your signage can be seen during dark nights will increase its effectiveness and help your clients – current and future – to find you. You will need to check with your local planning authority about restrictions.
  • How much does signage for a veterinary practice cost?
    Vet practice signage typically costs £4k-£9k depending on the size of your practice.


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