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Veterinary practice PR guide

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It can be hard for you to see the clients and cases you work with day-in and day-out as anything out of the ordinary. 


You’d be surprised at how interested the world is in what you do. But you shouldn’t be – we’re talking about animals! They’re literally a PR goldmine. 


Word of mouth is the most effective way to get more veterinary professionals and clients through your doors, and once the ball is rolling its impact can last for years. 


By nailing PR campaigns, all you’re doing is leveraging the audiences of TV, radio, newspapers and online news sites to amplify that word of mouth effect.

It’s not just new clients you’ll be reaching. It’s existing clients who may need a nudge to re-engage. It’s potential new vets and nurses, for whom your practice could stand out above the competition. 


Carefully planned mentions of your practice on respected news websites generate links back to your website which will boost your website domain authority – a massive step towards boosting your ranking on Google.


And at the end of the day, why would you not want to tell the world about the fantastic work that you’re doing?

Have you ever wondered why you see the same practices in the veterinary trade press all the time? 

Well, it's no fluke – it's because they use us to put them right where you can see them!

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We take a flexible approach to PR to make sure we’re giving you exactly what you need. 


If something remarkable happens and you want to plug it as a one-off, we can advise on the best way to gain traction, while we have the vision and experience to use wider campaigns to help you to achieve long-term targets.


Initially we’ll listen to what you want to achieve. This could mean raising awareness of the practice and its services, boosting recruitment, enhancing reputation, generating enquiries, giving the team a morale boost, driving growth, attracting clients, or all these things together!

We’ll then come up with a tailored strategy that will smash the initial objectives and exceed all expectations.


Sound good? To find out more or to work through a PR plan for your practice, simply get in touch or call 0113 347 0057


We’re always working on print, online and broadcast PR coverage to raise awareness of individual practices and groups throughout the UK. 


Our work is constantly featured on regional news websites and papers, radio and TV, as well as national news outlets. And we have an excellent relationship with the veterinary trade media, where you’ll regularly see our clients.


As a previous winner of the PR prize at the prestigious Veterinary Marketing Association’s awards, you don’t just need to take our word for it.

This addition to the trophy cabinet came about after a foul-mouthed exotic bird (the feathered kind…) was found and brought into a practice. The parrot was a hit on TV, radio and online, as well as featuring in the national and regional press. The campaign reached an audience of more than 3.7 million people and resulted in the parrot being reunited with his owner live on ITV.

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Other highly successful stories we’ve publicised recently include new practice openings, high profile appointments, awareness campaigns, recruitment drives, green initiatives, as well as lots of rare and unusual cases and operations.


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  • Can I illuminate the sign at my vet practice?
    Ensuring your signage can be seen during dark nights will increase its effectiveness and help your clients – current and future – to find you. You will need to check with your local planning authority about restrictions.
  • How much does signage for a veterinary practice cost?
    Vet practice signage typically costs £4k-£9k depending on the size of your practice.


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