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SEO: How to optimise your digital output


Pennard Vets Careers Website being seo'd

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a term that you’ve probably heard used but may not have had the head space to consider. 


But if we were to tell you that nailing SEO is one of the best ways to ensure people discover your practice and one of the best drivers of new clients around, we’re pretty certain you’d want to hear more. 


Put simply, SEO controls how likely people are to find your website on search engines such as Google and Bing. 


People are time poor. When they search for something online, be that a new coat or the best place to get their cat neutered, very few will scroll through pages of suggestions, analysing each one. 


They’ll look at the top result, and if they’re not instantly sold, they may check out the second and third. Anything lower than that is going to really struggle to make an impact. 


So if somebody is looking for a new vets near them, you want your practice right up there at the top of the suggestions they’re exposed to.


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We’ve gone on a deep dive into Google reviews that you can read here, but to sum them up in a sentence, if you want to win at the internet, you need to nail your reviews. 


Most people these days do their research on Google. And most people on Google will make their decision on something such as a new veterinary practice by what their search shows up on the map pack


That’s the map of local services connected to your search that you’ll probably be accustomed to seeing on Google even if you’ve never given it much thought. We need to dominate it. 


The first entry on the map pack averages 30% of clicks, second gets 20%, third gets 10%. Everything else shares the remaining 40%. We want to do everything we can to maximise our chances of being in the top three, and of being in that top spot.


Fortunately for you, we’re experts at ensuring that that is exactly what you achieve, with SEO technicians in house and experience working with a range of practices.


Using that experience, we’ve devised our advanced tune-up, a rigorous system that will ensure the website is fully optimised when launched and that Google will crawl and re-index it.


This doesn’t guarantee a high rank as SEO is ongoing, and needs continuous work. But it will give you the best foundation possible. 


Here’s what it includes. Warning, prepare for technical terms: 

  • Technical crawl audit using top industry tools to replicate the Google crawler and discover any issues affecting your site.

  • Fixing crawl errors that we find in the first stage.

  • Keyword research and mapping, to find the best terms and phrases to assign to each page on the website to give them the best chance of being found online.

  • A ranking report to establish how your site was performing prior to us beginning our work, providing total transparency.

  • On-page optimisation to get a range of elements on each page of your site working perfectly.

  • Structured data and schema markup to enable Google to understand the meaning behind each page better, giving them a better chance of ranking high.

  • 301 redirect setup provided if your new site has a new URL, to tell Google to redirect users to your new site if they try to access your old address, as well as avoiding duplication issues.

  • The go live process, including attaching the website to the domain, turning off the noindex and making sure the SSL has resolved to the domain.

  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics set up to allow tracking of how people are using your site.

  • Set up of Google Search Console to ensure the website is being tracked correctly.

  • Certificate of work completed.

  • We will notify Google to reindex the new website, although the length of time this takes is dictated by Google typically within 48 hours but sometimes longer.

  • A completion ranking report to assess the impact of the work we’ve completed.

Veterinary Recruitment Website Design for JHP Recruitment


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