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Waiting room TVs for veterinary practices: How we’re doing them better


We have promised to always look for ways to bring more value to our industry.


Well, here’s another idea the Practice Made Purrfect are proud of!


TVs are ubiquitous in veterinary practice waiting rooms, as they are in GPs and hospitals. We’ve all seen them. 

 Sadly they’re all too often bland, off-brand and badly conceived ads on rotation, creating a dreary atmosphere that is anathema to the experience we want to be portraying in our practices.


No matter what you tell yourself about the efficiency of your team, there’ll always be people who end up waiting longer than we’d like for appointments. It’s inevitable. 


“Clients spend an average of 13 minutes 42 seconds waiting in reception for a consultation – isn’t it time you made better use of this opportunity?”


During that time they’re a captive audience. They’re sitting, perhaps nervously, looking around the waiting room, begging for something to capture their attention and take their mind off their crying cat or under the weather dog. 


It makes absolute sense for us to be taking this opportunity to prime them for the messages our vets and nurses will be communicating in the consultation. 


We want to be warming them up to the idea of the pet health plan. We want to tell them more about the fantastic team who are looking after them today. We want to highlight the charity work we do.


Current solutions on the market simply aren't up to scratch. 


So we’ve created a product that is purrfect for the task.


Now we’re not here to bash our competitors. It’s not our way. 


But we do have concerns with the practices that we visit and their usage of their digital signage – that’s just the reality of the situation.


The product isn’t great because the user interface – which allows the practice to update the marketing material on rotation – is difficult to use. 


The library of content is generic and won’t necessarily be aligned with the practice’s brand, ethos or priorities, meaning screens don’t support the objectives of the practice. 


That means that aside from any clumsy operating issues, which do also exist, a practice that may have put a boatload of effort into their branding is then accepting marketing material in their waiting rooms that doesn’t hit any of those branding standards. 


Frankly, it doesn’t make sense. 

poor marketing TV service



And that’s why our Practice Made Purrfect TV screens make so much sense.


Our new features mean you can set the screen up and then forget about it – it turns itself off and on every day in line with your opening hours, and we can monitor their status remotely.


If you’ve been trying and failing to remember to switch on your screens for years, you’ll know the convenience of this one. Most commonly, we see TVs switched off when we visit practices. What message does a blank screen send out to your clients? 


Not only are they much easier to update for the practice, they can be outsourced to professionals. Namely, us. 

We are experts in all aspects of veterinary practice marketing. That means we’re not approaching this as an opportunity to sell tv screens, we’re looking at tying them in with your whole suite of marketing – website, pet health plan, client communication. 


Your screens are simply another channel through which we can communicate the messages your practice wants to send out. 

“I have been using some form of screen in our waiting rooms for years. I love the way they reduce perceived waiting times and can market our goods and services to our clients. 
“The problem has always been content. Producing good, attractive content is hard. Keeping it up to date and ‘fresh’ is almost  impossible. It is just one of those jobs that gets put off in a busy practice. 
“I love the Practice Made Purrfect screen solution. A simple device that you plug into your existing screen. Then the magic happens – amazing on-brand content, managed by experts remotely, starts appearing. Now I’ve tried it, I won't be using anything else.” 

Dr David Hodges, Owner, Stellar Vets


tv remote

There is none! There’s no monthly contract and we’re offering unlimited free in-house amends to your content.


Here’s how it works. 


The practice is responsible for the tv and bracket. We provide a device which plugs into the television and connects to your WiFi. Then we’re good to go and the practice never needs to think about it again. 


We can deploy a suite of content that is bespoke to the practice and contains no unwanted advertising messages cluttering up your screens. 


We even have a range of smart features to integrate your reviews, social media feeds, local weather, videos, music and much, much more.

To find out more or to chat with us about how we can implement our screens in your practice

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