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Recognising her practice was in need of a new website, Heather Ritchie at Grove Vets reached out to Practice Made Purrfect for a solution. Her brief was as honest as it was simple: “I don’t know much about technology, I’m really short of time, but I know something needs to be done”.

As a certificate holding vet, practice manager, mum of four and owner of a busy farm, Heather wears many hats, but this concise brief and the trust in Practice Made Purrfect to nurture her business created a partnership to unlock the potential.

It all began with online booking

The catalyst for this whole transformation was a conversation with Vetstoria to offer online appointment booking to reduce the volume of phone calls which had increased fivefold vs pre pandemic levels. With 50% of appointments booked outside of opening hours and a simple user experience the decision was a no brainer. The Vetstoria team worked directly with Teleos to set up the integration whilst we customised the settings within the dashboard.

A veterinary website fit for 2021

Amongst other things a website must reduce inbound call volumes by enabling clients to self-serve, it needs to be incredibly easy to update and it should support the amazing work practice teams do every single day. We think this ticks all the boxes, but you can judge it for yourself:

Grove Vets Logo_LR.png
Website - Before.JPG


The website was difficult to update and relied heavily on stock photography

To view earlier versions of the website visit 2008 and 2013

Website - After.JPG


The website is optimised to enable clients to self serve & support the practice team

Telling an authentic story

Stock photography massively undersells a practice and without any existing imagery to call on we commissioned a local photographer with a brief to gather the images required. We wanted the added authenticity of team members wearing PPE to capture the superheroes behind the masks. We’ve made a note to photograph the practice again when the ‘new normal’ and Perspex are a thing of the past.

Along the way we noticed the practice name was inconsistent, confusing clients and harming SEO, so we straightened it out across all social and digital channels plus suppliers and third parties.


Pandemic puppies & kittens need preventative health plans

As a practice, Grove Vets had a ready-made solution which would generate reoccurring revenue for the business. However, the Healthy Pet Club hadn’t been reviewed in six years meaning it was tired, complicated and in need of a commercial overhaul. We enabled online sign up and consolidated the bewildering number of plans available from 12, down to two. Next up we reviewed the mix of products and services to match the practice’s ethos and communicated a much-needed price adjustment for the first time since 2015.

All in all, a very satisfying transformation in 28 days.


Where next…

Next on the list to review is creating a cloud-based business infrastructure (think HR, Finance and Phone Systems) and optimising the client journey (think Patient Recall, Social Media Coaching, Print Material and Signage).

If you’ve read this far then be reassured, you too can be like Heather. We may be in the middle of a pandemic and life in practice is undoubtedly tough, but there really is no better time to tick off all those items which have been on your wish list for years. Fixing these things will make life in practice better for you and better for your team.

A note from Justin: I’ve really enjoyed this journey. If anything sums up why I love what I do it’s this . Marketing is as much about storytelling as it is about removing barriers and reducing friction. On this project, we worked together to get stuff done without friction. Heather placed a huge amount of trust in someone she’d met on Zoom for twenty minutes so I’m proud to have rewarded her faith with a top-notch digital transformation that will support her practice for many years to come.

Let Practice Made Purrfect guide you through the process

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