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Veterinary practice websites five biggest mistakes - Don't neglect GMB

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Your website can be your best friend.


Life in practice is busy. It’s chaotic. There’s so many things you want to do to grow your business, but the clinical strain means you just don’t have the time.


Well I’m here to tell you that a top notch website can do the work for you.


But only if you get it right.


I’ve been writing about the five biggest mistakes I commonly see with veterinary practice websites.



I’m cheating here, as of course your Google My Business (or Google Business as it's now called) listing isn’t connected to your website. So why am I including it in this list? Because your GMB listing will generate more enquiries to your practice than your website.


Google My Business essentially equates to your Google profile, and it also directly links with your ability to harvest lots of reviews, which in turn control where you rank on Google.


First things first, I need to flag that we have previously done a very deep dive into Google reviews, so if you need some advice on how to tackle them for your practices, that should be your first port of call.


But while you’re here, I’m going to take the opportunity to plead with you to show them a little love.


There are so many mistakes practices make here. Aggressive responses to negative reviews. Failing to utilise their positive ones. Or just plain not getting any in the first place.


Ask all of your clients to leave you reviews. Reply to everything. Nurture them. That’s exactly what we do.


And read our deep dive!


Anyway, back to GMB…

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Keep that listing updated!

Your GMB profile is often the first thing potential clients will see of your practice when they search for you online.

So naturally, you want to make a strong first impression.


That means using the profile space to really nail your pitch as the best practice in your area.


It also means that you have to keep your listing updated. If you don’t keep your opening times, phone numbers, addresses and the like up to date, people will see.


Creating your profile also gives you access to the map pack, that map that shows the geographical location of search results when you search on Google.


It’s important that you’re ranking highly on the map pack, as it’s what the majority of people will look at after searching. And how high you rank is dictated, in part, by the quantity and quality of your Google reviews.


So GMB gets you on the map. Reviews move you up the map. More people find your practice. More people read your GMB profile.


More people come to your practice.


Get it?


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